black and white

black and white photos evoke a certain emotion. they create drama. they give the image a timeless classic feel. what do you prefer color or black and white?


stay young

my boy is such a fun loving boy. he has such a playful spirit. and though at bedtime i don’t seem to appreciate it very much, i adore this fun loving boy. sometimes the everyday moments are the ones that capture our life. i love capturing those moments through my lens.
stay young forever my boy.


puppy eyes

i love capturing those moments with my doggie, there is so much expression in those eyes. dogs are a very important part of our family. it is important to include them in your family photos. when my max, our boxer, past away this year, i was so happy to have taken many pictures of him. these are treasured memories that we keep of him though he is no longer with us.


Hello, welcome to my new website.mnunez2

My name is Magdalena but my friends call me Maggie.

I am a natural light photographer who loves to capture life’s precious moments. As a mother of two young boys, I know how children grow right before your eyes. As a photographer, I want to preserve those very precious moments for you through my lens, be it a special event or just everyday ordinary moments. I want to capture life’s moments, the ordinary and extraordinary.

life is fleeting. it is meant to be remembered and treasured, if only in beautiful images.

Thank you for visiting my site. I am honored that you have taken time to visit me.

please stop by often, and say hello.

i look forward to becoming friends.