a love affair

my boy has loved legos since he was old enough to start building. his creations are so imaginative, that is the best thing about legos, they allow for creativity. Did you see the Lego movie? i loved it, it was about tapping in to your creativity and becoming a master builder, instructions not needed.
As i look at my journey in photography and in life, i want to be the master builder, only i realize that i am not, but i have a great master builder who guides and cares for me along the way. No matter where this journey leads me, i know he has my building blocks and is working them all together for my good {romans 8:28}. For that i am grateful.


Santa Monica pier

Santa Monica pier

it’s a new year and i realize i haven’t blogged since november. how does that happen? time just keeps going whether we realize it or not.

things are back to normal since the holidays. my house is clean and free from all christmas decor. i have yet to organize a bookcase that we cleared for the christmas tree  and complete other projects.

more importantly i  have been working on reorganizing my life, working on a list of things that i want to get accomplished. that is what we do in january right?

on the business end, i am excited about what is to come.  i am in the planning stages of a few fun sessions for this year, more details to come as they come together in my head.

most of all though, i am thankful for the opportunity of a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. as a classroom teacher i experience that with the start of each new school year.  it is refreshing to know that you get another crack at it whatever it may be.

there are so many things that i want to get accomplished but at the root of all , i want to be able to enjoy the process, enjoy the simple moments with my family. i don’t want to be so focused on crossing off things on my list that i lose sight of what really matters.

i want to choose joy and contentment. i want to be happy wherever i am. that is hard to do when you are starting up a new business, you tend to look at where others are and where you want to be. then the ugly face of comparison starts creeping in. don’t let it in.

i want to enjoy the process of growing and learning. i look forward to what God has in store for me. i know that his ways are good. i want to rest in his peace, be still and know that he has me in the palm of his hand.

i wish you abundance and prosperity this year, thank you for visiting.