i was experimenting with my camera trying to practice back button focusing. i have recently began a love affair of the garden variety with succulents. to think that i disliked these plants before. i guess because they reminded me of the southwest. i am not a fan of anything to do with westerns, sorry no offense, just not my thing. garden-6759fb  but, i do like these plants very much, and they do photograph well. so much so that i have started quite the collection of succulents.

a couple of weeks ago i decided to start shooting RAW. i had heard both good and bad.

the reason why i had not tried it was because i had heard that the files sizes of RAW images were very large and could slow down your computer and blah blah, so of course, slower computer, no one wants that, so i decided not to try it. i was fine with JPEG. but then i kept hearing about RAW and seeing fabulous work done in RAW. many photogs that i admire also shoot RAW so i decided to try it.  i did and guess what, my computer does not run any slower at least not yet, and i love the files, the color, wow! so impressed. i may never shoot JPEG again.
garden-6764fb if you are on the fence about RAW but are curious like i was, i suggest you try it, test it out. i played with a couple of my children toys in the backyard and tried it. so far i am very impressed. so now i have moved on to learning back button focusing, seems to be pretty easy but i have more practice to do using BBF.

thats the thing about photography, there is always something new to learn and try.


shot with nikon d610, 50 mm 1.4


DSC_1924DSC_1935This is a cute fun session i did with miss A last year. I have been culling through my files and taking a second look at my images. I am really enjoying this revisiting process. i am finding that i have grown one as a photographer. My style of editing has evolved since i did this session. My first edits were more clean and vibrant. These are hazy, a bit more vintage and washed out, a look that i have been loving lately. I hope you enjoy them as well. thanks for stopping by.