I enjoyed getting to meet Abigail a couple of weeks ago. She was such a sweet girl and take a look at those beautiful eyes and that sweet smile. She is as sweet as she looks. It is such fun to meet young girls and get to know them a bit. Their personality really shines through in their session.

Abbi will be graduating this year. She is also part of a girls Mariachi band. That sounds like so much fun!  I wish her the best of luck.


i  love being able to create videos for my clients. it is a great way to showcase all their images from their session and they get a keepsake from our time together.  it also freezes in time those special moments spent together interacting as a family. with a video slideshow, you are able to go back and revisit that time and even feel those emotions you did when you were there. it is one of my favorite things to present to my clients during our ordering session. a video is a perfect addition to an album and you can share it with family and friends who perhaps live far away as i will give you a link to share as well.

I hope to soon start to incorporate snippets of video taken during my sessions along with the images for the video slideshow. I can’t wait. but in the meanwhile, i hope you enjoy this video. you can feel the love they share.

PS: click on the 720 next to the volume button below to view a more clearer or sharper video.